Raising Your Energy Vibration

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, including you. Higher vibrations are associated with empowering thoughts, positive emotions, good health, loving and supportive relationships, financial abundance and strong spiritual awareness. Lower vibrations create negative thoughts, emotions and experiences, poor health and relationships, stress, and lack of spiritual awareness. 

  • Learn how to raise your your overall life force and energy with simple meditations.

  • Learn an easy daily practice that will give you instant energy without taking a stimulant or supplement

  • Discover the secret behind deeper connection with family, friends and coworkers that actually requires less effort from you

  • Learn 2 techniques you’ve likely never tried to handle difficult people and situations without confrontation

  • Create more intimacy with your partner with easy methods that will save you hours and dollars in therapy sessions

  • Experience less daily anxiety and stress and more ease with one short daily ritual

Price: $55

Seating: Limited to 5 each session, so please reserve your seat or email for drop-in

Dates: Wednesday, February 6, 13, 27 4-5pm
Wednesday, March 6, 13 4-5pm

Instructor: Amie Brooke, L.Ac, MSOM

Tamalpais Community Acupuncture
147 Lomita Drive, Suite B,
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Questions? Email us -> tamacupuncture@gmail.com

Raising Your Energy Vibration
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I can’t believe how these visualization exercises can change my energy level in an instant.
— Connie
I started using these short meditations daily before work and I can definitely say my days have been running much smoother with less confrontation and problems with coworkers. It’s good stuff.
— Jim